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Amarcord Kennels

I moved to a small farm at the end of 1990, in the foot hils to the border ranges in far northern NSW, Australia, and was immediately notified by the local Rural Lands Noxious Animal Vet, that I was in the middle of a high predation area, and our Toggenburg Dairy Goats were at great risk. Neighbours had lost hundreds of goats, sheep, calves and even young bullocks. The biggest threat I face are packs of domestic dogs let wild, that were breeding from Rottweillers, German Shepherds, Bull Terriers and the like. They are formidable, and cunning. They soon learn to avoid baits and traps, and roam a territory of hundreds of miles up and down the Border Ranges. I was locking the goats into a secure shed at night, but the threat of a day time attack was just as real.

I began to research my options and chose the maremma sheepdog.

Living on that small farm for 18 years I never lost a single goat to predators - a true testimony to the incredible guarding ability of these noble dogs.

Katrina Jeffery, site owner and author with some of her maremmas   maremma puppies in the late 90's at amarcord owned by Katrina Jeffery (was Sommers)

I had up to 3 maremmas living with my livestock at any one time, and usually had 1 or 2 living around the home area where I lived with my children and assorted cats and chickens.

It was so difficult to find information back in the 90's and so this web site was born as I tried to organise what information I could gather and get my own experiences documented in order to help others.

Since the launch of this site in the late 90's it has gone through several revisions and I have gone through several lifestyle and situation changes. The site is always being added to, and the new addition in 2012 of 2 blogs and the hosting of the mailing list that used to be on yahoo in a forum on my own server I hope has increased the amount of information you can easily find in your searches.

Please do submit articles here, send me emails if you have questions, and join the community forum to get the most of your maremma experience

Katrina Jeffery (was Sommers)

Katrina Jeffery (was Sommers) with one of her house guardian companions Lurgenglare Umbriana Please enjoy this website from a devoted maremma owner the farm where my maremmas guarded goats for 18 years without a single loss or even attach from predators
male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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