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Definitely the best book I've ever read and could recommend on dog origins and behaviour by Ray Coppinger

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THE maremma sheepdog eBOOK

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For years I've been asked to write a book on the maremma - what they are and how to rasie them.

To be honest I've resisted always saying - this site is my book ...

But finally I'm bowing to the pressure...

Yes I agree that for many people, reading this information in a book format could be a help. No need to have an internet connection once you have the book, no waiting for pages to load.

Whether you are considering your first maremma, whether you have already purchased your first maremma, or you have had maremmas for years, the information on this web site has proven invaluable to people for the past 20 years.

This book is designed to give you the information in another format - to give you more choice.

So many people struggle with raising their first pup because they don't understand what the important issues really are, and they don't understand the critical things to ensure and to avoid.

So many people give up or nearly give up on teenager maremmas that are actually doing really well and are on their way to becoming fantastic mature dogs, just because they are behaving like teenagers, or because they didn't lay the right foundations at the start.

This book will give you a guide to understanding the maremma, and how to effectively raise your pup whether as a full time livestock guardian, a small holding all round guardian/family member, or as a companion dog.

You can order this book securely using PayPal and will be directed to the download as soon as your payment is complete - no waiting days for it to be emailed to you!


picture of the cover of the ebook you can purchase to assist you in learning how to raise your maremma puppy correctly

Purchase price is only $21.95 AUD.

Just click on the PayPal BUY NOW button to make your purchase.

Please note - if you are not directed immediately to the download, look for the link on your PayPal confirmation of transaction that says Return to Katrina Jeffery and it will take you to the download.

If your browser has been set to simply display PDF files, when the book loads, right click on the book and choose to Save As

male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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