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Resources for raising puppies

Choosing the right breed of dog for you

What breed of dog is right for me and for my situation - there are so many breeds out there, and so many dogs of no discernable breed, and combinations of breeds that I just don't even know what I should choose!

This tool will help you work out the best choice of breeds and why they will suit you and your situation.


If you have found the puppy raising articles on this site helpful then you can purchase and download some excellent tools to assist you with:

Choosing a breeder to purchase from

How do I know who I should buy a puppy from? What would I ask, and how can I keep track of it all?

Choosing a puppy from a litter

How do I choose the best puppy in a litter? This tool is not to help you select a show winner, but to find a pup with a good stable temperament.

Do I have everything ready to bring home a new pup?

What do I need to have ready for my pup? This tool will help you to decide what you need ready from food, to bedding, safe areas and strategies for a new puppy.

Charting my new puppies progress in the first year

I have all this information, I have my puppy, now you can have a tool to help you check your puppies progress in weight and height growth, reaching milestones, keeping health regimes and training and socialisation goals. This tool will allow you to feel in control of the whole important process of raising your puppy your way, not looking back and reailsing another year has flown past.

If you are interested in any of these resources, you can contact maremmano to check on the release date - [email protected]


male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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