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Socialising with puppies - week 2 of school

There was a marked difference in many puppies arriving on the second week of school! Pups who were shy and reserved the first week were far more confident and wanting immediately to play with other pups.

At this school pups are allowed in small groups off lead to begin playing with each other, but are all kept on lead the first week.

Below is some video of Cetta allowed off lead to play with a rather boisterous mixed breed pup.

There are some interesting things to watch in this video clip. After spending a week then the first 15 minutes really wanting to play with the other puppies, Cetta actually decides she would rather have the attention of the lady running the session!

Interesting if you watch her body language and movement you can see that she is not so sure about playing with this pup completely - she is used to a much larger playmate and possibly found the slightly smaller pup to be confusing. She also doesn't much like the slippery floor surface.

However, once she is back on lead, of course now she wants to play and can't quite figure out why there are other pups running about playing whilst she has to stay with me!
Now we move on to teaching the puppies how to 'drop' or 'down'. Cetta learns the new lesson so quickly!
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male maremma playing with his pups displaying the loving nature of these livestock guardian dogs

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